Christine Bannigan

Christine Bannigan is the founder of Ra House Publishing. In 2003 she began publishing works that open minds and hearts. The books published by Ra House Publishing are easy to read and hard to put down…

Christine is also a Ra House Publishing author. In her Evolution Series she chats about complex spiritual phenomena in an easy-to-understand and friendly way – just as she might talk to you over a cup of coffee.

Don’t be fooled, though, by the titles Contract to LiveThe Blossoming Heart or Portal To Freedom. Lurking behind these seemingly commonplace shopfronts are real life spiritual adventures that can open your mind to fantastic possibilities.

  • Ever wondered about that event that changed your life? Was it really an accident or did you walk through a doorway to your divine destiny?
  • Have you experienced a weird flash or feeling of being someone else in a different time or space? Are you sure it was your vivid imagination or could it have been a glimpse into your unlimited multi-dimensional self?
  • Have you been aware of someone or something clearly, for just a moment, before they faded from your perceptual field; and did you talk yourself out of the experience with so-called logical explanations? Could you have been reaching beyond the veil of the 3rd dimensional reality into some higher vibrating field or plane of existence?
  • Have you ever had a conversation with a person who gave you the information you had been seeking and when you tried to thank them they were gone? Could you have been communing with a star being or a spiritual master?

Each person’s cosmic awakening and journey of ascension is wondrous and unique, but when Christine shares her story, strange things happen. You may remember that spiritual experience you have never talked about. You may experience electrical sensations as your soul responds and resonates to the words you are reading. You may shift into a new vibrational field – and if this happens, my friend. you are on your way! Hang onto your hat and enjoy the ride.

The Next Top Spiritual Author…

Thank you to everyone who voted for Christine in the ‘Next Top Spiritual Author’ competition. Listen to what she had to say about her book Contract to Live published by Ra House Publishing.

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